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5 Kitchen Appliances I can’t live without

August 20, 2010

I thought today I would share a bit about my favourite kitchen appliances/gadgets…I’m sure you may all have your own favourites and they may differ from mine, so let me know what they are.


  1. Electric frying pan – for most of our marriage/my life outside my parents house, we have never had a stove/oven apart from a tiny 2 plate stove,which was too small and yet too bulky for most of our homes. Thankfully we were gifted an electric frying pan as a wedding present, and its amazing. I “baked” scones in it, flapjacks, omlettes, and when my cooking pots are too small I use it to make curries and stews for many people.
  2. French press – We have an electric filter coffee machine,but since my husband prefers instant coffee, I seldom use it. This is where the french press is amazing…I can make a teeny bit of coffee for myself when he’s out or even when I make him instant,without it being a waste.
  3. Bread machine – yes, I have only had it for a week, but I adore it! Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread… nor the taste. I also love the fact that I can make dough for rolls or pizza in no time, and it saves me a trip to the shop for minor things (when I inevitably buy more than I need). I am still experimenting with it,and have yet to work out if its cheaper to bake or to buy… But as I said nothing trumps freshly baked bread,whenever you want it. (and people are impressed when they smell fresh bread when they come over… hehe)
  4. My tiny oven – We live in a cosy flat,so space saving is vital. There is no space for a big stove, so we bought a tiny stove top oven. Its my friend… roast chicken, cookies, muffins, you name it, I’ve probably made it in there.
  5. Big mixing bowl and a fork/spoon – somewhere along the line my electric mixer stopped working, and I have neglected to have it fixed (had it fixed once and it broke again…will probably get husband or dad to look at it someday… like when I need the blender). So my big mixing bowl and fork/spoon have been my best buddies for baking… I know its primitive,but it works and saves energy and is exercise for my arms.

Let me know what your saviour appliances are….

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  1. August 21, 2010 9:15 am

    I used my electric frying pan for years until we got a gas burner on my home built butchers block. My counter top oven (LG Solardome is the only one we use – my ‘real’ oven is a cupboard as we have a tiny kitchen and I have lots of appliances). I have had my bread maker since the 23rd of July, and wonder how I lived without one. I got Dave an espresso machine for his birthday a few years ago – he is a coffee addict! I am holding out for a proper mixing machine as my shoulder does not enjoy my hand held one!

    • August 23, 2010 6:54 am

      I am dying for a proper espresso machine… with frother etc, but they are way above my budget sadly. I looooooove the smell of freshly made coffee and the frothy milk just seems so glam! Lol!

      • August 23, 2010 7:05 am

        I got myself an @home account and paid it off over 6 months as it was also over my budget!


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